"The appeal of a Tom Caldwell painting is in his appreciation for architecture as a part of landscape. The timeless solitude of aging structures. The gentle joining of angles, dormers and stone into scenery."

Born in 1945 and a native of Texas, Tom Caldwell's inspiration comes from years of travel in the French and English countryside with his wife and two daughters. He photographs buildings and landscapes on sight, often pulling along side the road to shoot a building or cottage as the light falls upon the angles in just the right manner.

Tom Caldwell is a self-taught artist, though he attributes all talent he has to God's hand. He spent twenty years as an architect by profession and an artist by hobby. Caldwell paints in egg-tempera -- one of the oldest mediums in art history. Appropriately, his art is rich with the detail and realism so often associated with early painting. This medium allows him to etch the fine strokes and marks of age that render such striking character in his artwork.

His approach to his subjects is as much a part of the paintings as the subjects themselves. Often, he will paint an off-angle view with a cottage and its facets in the foreground, as in Blue Willow. In others, he will place it in the backdrop amid the English haze and hedgerows as in Cotswolds Summer. Whatever the perspective, one can recognize a Caldwell piece by the attention to realist features whether they be moss-covered shingles or the intricate texture of trees.

Tom Caldwell has supported numerous charities through his art, and articles recognizing his work have appeared in publications such as Victoria Magazine, The Dallas Morning News, and others. His prints and canvas reproductions can be been found in shops across the United States, and Canada.